Join Us! Nappy Nappa & Friends on Blood Feast, Recorded

You saw the promotion for days, and you still didn’t watch it.

It’s okay, we have you covered.

Nappy Nappa put on for the District of Columbia in a recent visit to Atlanta, Ga. where he appeared on Adult Swim’s Blood Feast Livestream.  Think Glenn O’brien’s TV Party, or our very own Art House Live but with the financial backing of Cartoon Network.  It was raucous of a set.  He and the Lads including Sir E.U, Marty Heem Cherry, and Auto repped the city through and through, making sure to shout out damn near every artist within District lines.

But you can see it–tomorrow at the Art House.  We’ve organized a special viewing with the Lads, and perhaps we’ll be hearing some live sets from Nappy Nappa, Sir E.U and the rest of the gang.  Doors open at 8 pm with an intended screening of 9 pm.

Roll through, you know how it goes.



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